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Pressure & Temperature Measurement & Control

Pressure & Temperature Gauges

Pressure & Temperature Indicators

Pressure & Temperature Switches

temperature transducers

Actuators & Poistioners & Valve Postion Mointors

Valve Actuators

Multiport Flow Selectors

Linear & Rotary Valve Poistion Monitors

Gearboxes and Accessories

Level & Flow Measurement And Control Solutions

Rotary Level Transmitter & Ultrasonic Level

Level & Flow Switches and Gauges

Differential & Hydrostatic Pressure Transmitters

Variable Area Flowmeters & Turbine Flow Meter

Automation Components & Integrated Control Systems Industrials Sensors

Power Supplies, Proximity Sensors

Electromechanical Devices

Electronic Instruments

Input & Output Modules

Pressure Safety / Relief Valves & Manifolds

Direct Spring Operated Pressure Relief Vales

Pilot Operated Pressure Relief Valves

Safety Selector Valves

Hydrant Reducing Valve

Control Valves & Pressure Regulators & Choke Valves

Control Valves

Back Pressure Regulators

Pressure Reducing Regulators

Pressure & Temperature Controllers

Dcs & Data Acquisition Equipment

Scanner, Thermal IMager

Production Control Systems(DCS)

Controllers, Recorders and Data Equipments

High Speed Memory Recorders

V Belts


Disc Coupling

Fluid Coupling

Elastomeric Coupling

Gear Coupling

Gas & Flame Detection & Burner Controls & Igniters

Flame Safeguard & Comubstion COntrols

Toxic Gas Detection

Industrial Surveillance Equipment

Optical Flame Detection


Ball Bearing

Sleeve Bearing

Filament Bearing

Thrust Bearing

Motors & Accessories

Horizontal Motor

Vertical Hollow Shaft Motors

Induction Motor

Synchronous Motor


Ventilation Filters

Tank Mounted/ Return Line Filters

Inline Filters

Filter Elements

Pump & Pump Accessories

Single Stage/Multi Stage

Submersible/ Centrifugal


Burner Control

Ignitors & Retractors

Flame Scanner

Combustion Chambers

heat Exchanger & Heat Transfer Equipment

Air Heat Exchanger

Plate Heat Exchanger

Tubular Heat Exchanger

Centrifugal Separators

Diesel Generator Parts & Accessories

INlet & Exhaust Valves

Power Supply

Filter Elements


Pulsation Dampener

Bladder Kits

Bellows Type

Membrane Type

Pulsation Stabilizer

Compressor parts & Accessories

Shaft Seal Kit

Separator Element

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